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Thread: Best PCI Sound Card?

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    Best PCI Sound Card?

    I have done several searches, and concluded that the creative card had horrible drivers and that was not the route to go. I am currently looking at the e-mu 0404 sound card, any other suggestions? I have heard good things about the new creative x-fi sound card to, but than again its creative. So any suggestions, really dont want to spend more than $150. Processor is going to be alpine pxa-h701, running actively to two 5.5 scanspeak revelator mids and seas lotus reference tweets. SQ is key here.


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    I have the Audigy2 ZS, and am quite happy with it. I don't have any problems with the Creative drivers, but there are the KXProject drivers you could try instead.

    I also have an M-Audio soundcard in my desktop. M-Audio usually has very good reviews, and isn't too expensive.

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    The new Soundblaster X-Fi cards are the best consumer sound cards. Creative's cards are traditionally geared toward gaming and sound effects more than musical fidelity. From what I iunderstand, however, the x-Fi takes a huge leap in that direction.
    There are also professional cards for musicians as well by m-Audio, Turtle Beach and other companies.
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    Soundcard with Dolby Digital Live and DTS!

    I'm looking at this one, apparently it will give true Dolby Digital and DTS surround. It's another option if you wanna go that route. I don't know much about the card yet since it's pretty new, but I'm gonna be picking one up in January.

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