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Thread: Ah, yet another Pentium vs. Athlon question...

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    Ah, yet another Pentium vs. Athlon question...

    Well here comes yet another noob question! ("easy on though")

    ***As a note my eyes are about blood-shot from looking through the forums for this info. so I'm not taking the lazy route...

    For a little background I'm looking at putting a Carputer into my 2002 Tahoe. I'm running Infinity Speakers, Alpine SWR-1242D sub through an Alpine amp and using an Alpine HU.

    Size isn't much of an issue and I can work with power. This trucks is regularly turning about 13-14.5 V. (larger alternator option) Good lil' GM electrical system!

    Here is what I'm looking for:

    Nothing too special just something that can run nice video, music, GPS, OBDII and maybe some smaller things. I've downloaded and started to fool with RR and have it working pretty well with the video and music but will tweak it later!

    Now here is what I'm working with:

    I have a 1.2 Ghz. Athlon "Thunderbird" processor running 640 RAM (PC133), ATI Radeon 8600 Pro (256 mb), Linksys Wireless G card PCI, standard ATX board and case (size isn't much of an issue since I have a hella lot of room in the back), Soundbalster Audigy Sound card, etc.

    My Main question is...Should I continue to use to Athlon 1.2 or should I try to use the P3 1.0 Ghz I have sitting around? I know the Athlon will run a little warmer but with the space i have available I'm thinking I might make a custom "box" with multiple auxillary fans to provide a constant flow through the computer (2 intake fans and maybe 3 exhaust fans in a custom enclosure around the comp, overkill, yes). It will sit in the back and I will run an external DVD drive and monitor towards to front. LCD touchscreen in the dash where the HU and HVAC controls are (move them down) and DVD drive below it.

    So which would you guys recommend? If you guys could be as specific as possible that would be great! Thanks!

    ***If anybody wants to buy a 2.8 P4-M with HT Tech. let me know! I bought it not knowing the difference b/t Pentium M's and P4-M's! Wanted to run a P-M via an Asus adapter and mobo but my nievity got me!

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    I'll go with the P3 setup.
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    What I recommend is test it out first. PIII and a computer monitor , hook up your GPS DVD etc. Run what front end you will go with. Run it and see if you are happy with it, if not run the other system.
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    how are you going to move your AC controls? I have a 99 silverado and I can't figure out how to move them. I was thinking about getting some type of rear controls and putting them in the overhead console. let me know what you are doing

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    Stick with the Athlon, but underclock it a little to reduce heat.
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    thunderbirds require ALOT of power, you'd be better off with the p3.

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    My shuttle system with a Mobile AXP 2600+ @ 0.600Ghz consumes only 60W of power, which is enough to run on my car's power point inverter (along with screen and sirius reciever).

    Something to consider
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    once had a slot style p3 lose its heatsink, 2 month before we noticed.........
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