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Thread: Will the Opus 150 Power this?

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    Will the Opus 150 Power this?

    BIOSTAR GEFORCE 6100-M7 Socket 754 NVIDIA GeForce 6100 Micro ATX AMD Motherboard - Retail

    Mobile 64 CPU 35w

    60gig laptop drive

    DVD/CD slim drive

    GPS, Lili 7", usb wifi, usb(or PCI) Sound blaster, mabey usb V1, mabey usb radio.

    I'd also be open to an amd XP solution too.

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    Probably will, I don't think that'll use much more power than my setup and mine works just fine.
    EPoX mATX SocketA w/onboard Geforce4MX / 512MB PC2700 / AthlonXP 1600
    Lilliput / DVDrom / Opus 150W / WD 3.5" 160GB / SB Audigy NX
    XP home / Road Runner / iGuidance 4.0

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    My Guesstimates, kinda high but I am too lazy to look up exacts likelaptop cd drive is really 4.6w

    Micro ATX AMD Motherboard - 60w max
    Mobile 64 CPU - 35w max
    60gig laptop drive - 10w max
    DVD/CD slim drive - 5w max
    USB - 4 to 6w each maybe 25w max
    Total = 135w max, wire to Lilliput seperatly(don't do the 4-pin mod) for more overhead. Thats similar to my old setup only I had a full 3.5" HDD and no optical drive, I transferred files via my Nomad Zen.

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    Will there be much of a power difference between a new 64bit M setup vs an older AMD XP-M setup?

    Also how would I give the screen power? I dont know ANYTHING about car wiring.

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    I just read that the Mobile 64 3400 will run at 62 watts while a Mobile XP 2200 will run at 27 watts. You've only account for 35watts for a Mobile 64.


    info from AMD Launches Mobile Athlon 64 3400+ and Athlon XP-M 2200+July 19, 2004

    EDIT: Okay. Just read this AMD Releases New Mobile Sempron:
    Quote Originally Posted by
    The Mobile Athlon 64 processor is available in a version targeted at the thin-and-light market, but that chip consumes 35 watts of power under maximum operating conditions. Intel's Pentium M chip consumes only 21 watts of power under maximum operating conditions, making it a more attractive proposition for notebook manufacturers.
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