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Thread: Proposed Plan

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    Proposed Plan

    I'm going to be running a 7 inch non TS screen

    Use a OPUS power supply

    Epia M1000 with 500 ghz?

    150 gig hard drive

    maybe like a seperate headunit thing with just knob like a powermate or IDrive using phidgets

    I want to play mp3's, navigation and watch movies

    is this an alright setup?

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    Epia M1000 with 500 ghz?

    Is the epia 500ghz board fanless?
    ive never seen it
    B Smoov
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    i'm sorry i mean the 1.5 ghz

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    It doesn't even run that fast. The M10000 is only a 1Ghz processor.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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