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Thread: Wire Size?

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    Wire Size?

    I'm going to be connecting a M1-ATX into my Morex 3688 case. As of right now I have 1/0 running from my battery to a fuse holder with a 250A fuse in it. From there, I have 1/0 running straight to my subwoofer amp in my back. What I'm going to do is add a fused distrobution block in the back and have 4 gauge coming from it to my amp and then I have no idea what size I should run to my M1-ATX? Does anyone have any idea? I did a search and came up with 22, 20, 18, and even 16 so I'm kind of lost on what to use.

    What does it accept?


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    Son an empty case isn't gonna need much power.

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    NEWB FIGHT!!!!!

    8AWG should be more than enough. I'd think that 16AWG would work, but the 8AWG will tolerate a higher load, shoudl you decide to upgrade.
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    LoL at billmee. Thanks DarquePervert. My ground would be the same size as well correct?

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    Depending on the distance you have to run the wire I would say for up to 10 feet use 14 or 16 gauge. 8 gauge is pushing it. the m1atx can only pull around 10 amps and 14 gauge can easily handle that 8 gauge can handle up to 60 amps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kbkid
    My ground would be the same size as well correct?
    always good to have the ground wire of the same gauge
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