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Thread: after nights of searching need input

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    can 2 independent screen s/u work together?

    Let me start by saying that I have spent days researching the forums for information before posting any questions. At this point I have an idea of what I want my system to do, have not however decided on the exact components aside from the parts I already have (atx mb, 1gb pc133, all in wonder radeon, overclocked amd 900mhz @ 1.2ghz)

    O.K here is what I want to do, I have a 05 Chrysler Pacifica.

    Thinking to change head unit to aftermarket

    Install touchscreen in dash

    PC in trunk

    All in one dropdown 10.4lcd (

    Aftermarket unit for aux input from pc and for radio when absolutely necessary.

    In dash touchscreen to control pc and run mp3, wireless, gps, etc

    All in one drop down unit for rear passengers to watch movies without use of main system. but would also like to be able to run video from this unit directly into touchscreen upfront and audio through pc/car speakers.

    And here lies the question is it better to have an independent all in one rear dvd ( as I will most likely not view dvd upfront except for occasional passengers) or two monitors with seperate dvd player with video split out to both.

    Also any thoughts on the 10.4 dropdown all in one unit listed above (see link above)

    And last but not lease will the ATX M1 psu power all this?

    Thanks in advance for any help or ideas.

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    If you can power the larger (10.4") screen straight off the battery, you'll be golden, including the in-dash touchscreen (if needed). That would be the only barrier I see to using the M1ATX.
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    i wouldnt overclock your CPU. you are asking for trouble. it will need more power (not necarsarily linear relationship in the power increase due to heating etc) and will run hotter. Also the ATI AIW may draw quite a bit so start off running normal then overlcock gradually if you need to and can.

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    an thoughts on 10.4lcd from ebay

    anybody have any thoughts on the item listing posted from ebay?
    safe buy or not good quality?

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