first of all,
I'm gathering a lot of info /help here on the forum , for my pc project.
thank you all for that.

it is almost x-mas so gonna buy my mini itx board soon
but still not shure which board to pick.

I want to use a mini-itx p4 board with an intel855 chip.

one of these 3 I wanna use:
-Commell-lv761 aka -Free tech P8F216P -$265 at kri computers
-I-base MB890 -$300 at mp3car
-DFI G5N100 $280 at myelectronics

Which board gives the best value for money ?

The prices are the best i can find on the net , but maybe someone got a better deal somewhere , please let me know if you do!!

I'm from the netherlands btw.