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Thread: Infinity amp

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    Infinity amp

    I have a quick question for you guys, I've been trying to find an answer in both the geek my ride book and online, but I was at Circuit City yesterday, and I was all set to buy my amp but then I told them what I was doing, and they told me that with the amp running to the sound card, and if the sound card sends an amplified signal to the amplifer, than I'm going to have a big problem and fry the amp. And I was wondering what you guys thought?

    I have my lilliput 7" and my laptop, got the soundcard and now i just need the amp, I am ready to buy it and everything, but I just wanted to clear up what they are saying since all I want them to do is install the amp and I'll do the rest. And if you guys can just add any more input on anything, that'd be awesome, though I think I have the rest under control.

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    they don't know wtf there talking about,,... the soundcard output is fine for the amp rca input....

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    sound cards don't amplify the signal, a signal amplifier amplifies the signal.

    alpine head units average output 4v
    eclipse head units average output 8v
    sound blaster average output 2v per this website (audigy 4):

    the higher the output in voltage, the less an amp has to work to amplify the signal, thus making it more efficient. as you see, the sound blaster is at the bottom of the list. it won't fry the amp, you just need to turn the gain up more than you would over a regular head unit.

    it's not the case that the sound blaster "amplifies" the signal, it's just that it's not as efficient. my recommendation- tell the guy at circuit city you want the amp (get the warranty) and flip him the bird for being a dip**** because you had to make 2 trips to get the amp.

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    Ok, thank you. I will, and the warrenty is that necessary? I hate buying those damn warrenties, but if you say it's well worth it, though I'm sure it is, I might jsut buy it (is it 30 days?) after I buy the amp. I figured that they didn't know, but I just wanted to make sure, because I never heard of it being a problem. And I'll be using the usb 5.1 audigy soundcard for this, I'm most likely going to be building a carputer later on or getting one of those cool macmini's.

    But, thank you and I'll probably just go tomorrow and get the amp.

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