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Thread: Need some help with my idea!

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    Need some help with my idea!

    Well from what ive figured out I am definatley going with a carputer and here is my ideas so far but I cant seem to get things to be wokring exactly the way I am going to want them too. Ihavetn bought anything yet but here is my plan. I want to use a carputer for 90% mp3's because I cant get anything jsut as good with carputer that can hold this many mp3's. But I want to run the carputer and a HU. So I was thinking of going withe the alpine hxa-p701 audio processor and I wasnt sure if I could conrtol everything on it from the HU. But for a thouchscreen LCD I was thinking of an in dash one. But I would only have enough room for the Hu and the lcd but not the audio processor controller if I have to go that way. So I am not to sure on how I might go about plus I am not sure what kind of HU I want as well. I want to run XM thorough the HU and use it for cd's as well as an fm tuner. So if anyone has any ideas or can suggest a HU I can use that would allow me to accompish this.

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    Try this

    I recently purchase this monitor I haven't installed it yet but it has touchscreen for pc, tv, am/fm tuner already built in. Maybe this will help. As for playing dvd's just install a dvd drive so you can play cd's and dvd's. This hook a xm radio up to the computer.

    This may work for you.

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