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    I didn't get the Nav and rearview cam with my HondaRidgeline so I am putting in a carputer. I just want to get a few things straight first.
    I have an old eMachine 1gz blah, blah..., USB GPS (using mappoint on startup with AGPS doing realtime nav), Xenarc 700tsv. I am going to use the other 2 video inputs for the Xenarc as the rearview and a frontview cam. I am custom building the case to go under the rear pass seat. I going to get M2-ATX DC-DC ATX Automotive Computer (car PC) Power Supply ( ) to replace the power supply connected to the computer. I want constant power to the monitor cuz if you loose all power to it, it defaults back to the PC input reguardless of what you set it up to do. I would like for the monitor to power up with the rearview cam when I turn the car on everytime.
    How should I wire the monitor? Is it ok to wire straight from the battery to the monitor or should there be something between the two?
    What do you think about the DC-DC I have chosen?

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    Real helpful and friendly croud...?

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    the screen comes with a cig adapter for power. i believe you can cut that line and wire it directly into the cig adapter power, but im not sure that there isnt some type of circuitry inside the plug. i would check the "everything you wanted to know about your xenarc" thread in the lcd forums. if you want constant power, then the battery would be fine, just make sure theres a fuse in there somewhere, approiate size for the screen(5 amp? or less?). i would just worry about battery drain for such a device.

    btw, how do you like your ridgeline? they look pretty nifty.

    everything else looks good. remember we love pictures!

    and sorry bout no one responding. things get lost under stuff sometiems.
    1998 Toyota 4Runner SR5 V6 4x4 in Evergreen Pearl Metallic, Lifted, Locked, and Armored. CarPc in custom console with molded touchscreen.
    Photobucket is being updated, if a picture i posted no longer works, please PM me.

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    Thank you so much! I will look into those threads. I do want constant power so I will put a 5amp fuse into a hard wire from the battery.
    I LOVE my truck!!! I traded a CRV in for it. I should have gotten the nav right off the bat but I dont like leather interior and that was the option. Lots of room, in-bed truck *****, feels big, drives GREAT, and good power.
    Thanks again.

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