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Thread: Whats so great bout the alpine F1 status?

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    Whats so great bout the alpine F1 status?

    I know that the F1 has some of the highest quality dac's among other componments but like $5000 cdn for a 400w amp and $3000 for a HU seems a little bit much? I guess maybe im jsut jealous that I cant afford something so amazing

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    F1 is TOP TOP of the line. I've never used one, but I can only imagine...

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    they are built with money no object mentality... in otherwords a particular component can be 1.18for a cheap one... & 8.50 for a good one, but thenthe best one may be a 30.00 component, the difference may be marginal, but decidedly better, so the f1 will include the best one available.... it's just like a pc... you can build a good pc for 5-600, or you could build a cutting edge top of the line pc for many thousands... that'sthe difference....

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