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Thread: What kind of shutdown controller is needed?

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    What kind of shutdown controller is needed?

    Hello everybody!
    At first I have to apologize my poor English once again. I hope you understand my point.

    I have Casetronic Travla C134 ITX case, Via Epia M10000 main board, DC/DC Converter for EPIA ITX and Clifford Intelliguard 950 car alarm. I haven't installed these yet. I have been thinking that how could I implement a shutdown controller for this system? It would be very cool if the computer would start at the same time when I open the doors with the remote control of the car alarm. I have already installed central lock to this car. Should I buy some shutdown controller or could I make this for myself?

    I know that there is a lot of information in this forum, also discussion about DIY shutdown controllers, but I still need more specific advice. I would be very thankful if you could help me.

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    that woudl be very cool to start up the comp as soon as u open the doors, that way the comp will be given a little head start on booting up so u dont have to wait as long

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    It's all depend on how you wire the SDC's ACC wire. If you parallel wire it with the ignition's ACC and Alarm signal (of course separate the 2 with diodes or switch) and you can have the PC start whenever you want.
    With remote starter, I don't event have to do any special wiring.
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