I just received my in-dash motorized innovatek IN-703L. The manual that came with it was horrible ("Phenomena: Pictures continuously rolling. Reason: System is wrong").

The power is 12V dc that I need to connect to the wires going to my cd player head unit. There is a red wire(for constant 12V), yellow wire(for clock, "accumulator"), black and green. It says to "ground with black and green wire". I'm not quite sure what they mean by that. Do I ground them to the same spot or what? Also, what's the best way to connect the red and yellow wires to the red and yellow wires going to my cd player?

Also, I bought an inverter from Radio Shack to plug my car computer into, and it shows the battery voltage. When the car is on it reads 14.3V. Will this be safe for the lcd screen? It says do not supply more than 12V. There is a fuse on the red wire.


PS. I know most of you guys don't like the innovatek but it was cheap and they actually sent it to me so i was lucky...