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Thread: HU need Aux-in for PC?

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    HU need Aux-in for PC?

    I am now considering buying an aftermarkey HU to replace my stock AM/FM/CD radio. I do not have an AMP in my vehicle and I don't want one.

    I will probably put the new HU in my glovebox and remote mount the faceplate on the dash. Will I need to find a HU which has an AUX-IN so that the output from the sound card on the PC can plug into the AUX-IN on the HU?

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    Yes, You will need an AUX-In to get sound from the PC.
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    No you won't need AUX IN, but it is the best way to get the sound from your PC.
    If you have a headunit without AUX IN, you can use a cassette adapter, an FM transmitter or an FM modulator. The latter two options require you to tune in a specific FM station to hear the PC audio.

    If you're looking at purchasing a new headunit anyway, get one with AUX input(s).
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    Thanks guys. I just got back from Best Buy and I picked up an HU with an Aux-in. What is nice about the one I bought is there is no CD slot in the faceplate. The faceplate flips down and reveals the CD slot. Just below the slot is an eject button (behind the faceplate). So I think this will be the perfect HU. It also has a remote.

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