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Thread: How does the GPS work?

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    How does the GPS work?

    I want to do an install, and I'm gathering information as of now. First of all, how does GPS work in associationg with a carputer? I downloaded (I think it was) Frodoplayer a while ago and from what I remembered it had a button for GPS so I assume that was to open up 3rd party GPS software? Where do I get this GPS software?

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    this is what i got, havent had the chance to try it out yet since its not built yet. I nav software and gps mouse
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    Quote Originally Posted by eag182
    First of all, how does GPS work in associationg with a carputer?
    1. Everything (almost) you ever wanted to know about GPS on your Car PC. Includes quick reviews of all the different types of nav sofware.
    2. A beginner's guide to GPS on the PC
    3. Getting started with GPS
    4. Destinator 3 GPS Navigation software
    5. iGuidance and iGuidance mod software
    6. Comparison of other GPS software for the PC
    7. Does your car come with a GPS built in already? Here's how to hook up an OEM GPS to your Car PC.

    (Thanks Bugbyte)
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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