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Thread: Carputer Class Project

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    Carputer Class Project

    Hello all, my name is Shane Seal. I am a computer network instructor at Pearl River Community College in Mississippi. As most know we were hit pretty hard by Katrina lately. The relevance to this forum is that our class budget has been frozen. The system maintenance class usually undertakes some type of project each semester. The lack of funds this semester makes things tough. I had been thinking about installing a carputer for a month or two and decided to fund the project for the class. They will get the knowledge and I will get the setup. I have started this thread to take suggestions as far as prices, equipment, etc. My students will undoubtedly start joining the forum and post questions as well. If you are interested in viewing information about our college program, you can check us out on the web at


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    This is great, you greedy bast#$%(, lol

    I am glad that people are helping out even in our neck of the woods!! Please post pictures of your progress and I will be sure to look out for great deals for you and pass them along.

    I am at MIT now and we have a really cool tech fair thing here in the spring months, if you are still funding the class I will send you all the info they have on those things.

    I also have a guy that gets old part, broken machines, and machines off lease DIRT CHEAP!! As a result he sells them for little to almost no profit just for a fast turn around. An example is the laptop I am using in my setup

    IBM Thinkpad T23 - $100 (It had a broekn LCD) - I just stripped the LCD and used the laptop - P3 1.3Ghz, 512mb, 30GB - for 100 bucks CANT BEAT THAT WITH A BAT.

    Good Luck

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