Hi ive been browsing this forum for about a week and have just registerd. Loads of info my brain is overloaded so i apologise if this information is listed somewhere else.

Im looking to build a car pc and the problem as everyone seems to be having is the radio. i Need am and fm and rds would be a good benefit. After lots of searching and no solutions to this anywhere ive come up with the idea to use this (or something like it)http://www.ebuyer.com/customer/produ...duct_uid=94512

At first i was disapointed it wasnt DAB radio (im in the UK) but the am stations im interested in talksport and radiofive live i belive are available on DVB-T radio which is good for me and it also has an FM tuner which should realy solve all my problems.

Basicly my questions to this are.

1) Is the fm/digital radio/ tv integrated well into any of the available front ends (either standard or with a module etc), or can you recomend a card that i will be able to use well in any front ends such as roadrunner because i dont want to buy one if its not going to work. So basicly i want to use the digital radio and fm radio integrated well in a frontend. Not that botherd about the tv.

2) how is the reception, can i hook up the fm signal to my standard roof aerial and the digital one with the supplied aerial i guess?

im looking to make a decision very soon so any quick advise would be appretiated and i apologise if i could of found the information on the frontend integration elsewhere because im sure its around somewhere.