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Thread: LCD gauges

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    LCD gauges

    I want to get rid of my 4 autometer gauges. Basicly each will have an electronic sender and I want to display the output... but as psi or deg F for example.

    I have found a few LCD display's, but I have no idea what to use to show the data or how to program them.

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    Can you be more specific with what you have?
    is the data all displayed individually?
    are you going to use your own sensors?

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    Why ? I love my autometer gauges... they're sexy.

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    WTF? First it triple-posted.. Then I delete one and they're all gone?!?!?!?
    OK. I'll try this again.

    Just get gauge components from Dakota Digital. They make digital gauges for just about any function, and, as the name implies, they're all digital.

    There may be hardware & software available to get the information you want. If it can be read throught he OBD port, then it's a lot simpler process, since the hardware and software are readily available.
    If it's not readable through OBD, then you're going to have to cobble together hardware and write (or commission) software to use the hardware.

    Although, I can see some inherent problems in having a PC be your sole means of important driving data.
    I'd love to see the look ont eh cop's face when he pulls you over and you tell him that you couldn't know how fast you were going because the PC crashed!
    Better yet, the look ont he mechanic's face when you tell him that you couldn't know the car was overheating because the sensor board quit working at some point sot he PC wouldn't read it!
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

    Under normal circumstances, a signature would go here.

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    Alright, i'll be more clear. I have 4 aftermarket gauges: boost, coolant temp, EGR, and fuel pressure. Two of which are in an A piller pod and the others are in a dash bezel. I have an AFC that sits below the radio... similar to the attached pic.

    On the AFC, it says: Kar, Rev, Thr, and Cor; with a value after. I would like to have a display just like that, but to show the values of the gauges.

    No need for a gauge cluster to get the blue screen of death while driving
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