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Thread: 02 clk430 Need Help

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    02 clk430 Need Help

    I have an w208 clk430 (battery in the trunk!!).. I am new to this, but have been reading and need some help. I have/plan to get the following..

    -have HP Pavilion zv6000 labtop.
    -getting 7" SP7 touchscreen
    -getting navigation antenna / software
    -getting slimline dvd player

    I understand for the most part how it all works, I just need a little more detail.

    -Do I power the monitor & pc off the same PU/startup switch??
    -How do I connect the factory bose amp to the labtop (external soundcard)?
    -Is there a factory gps antenna on my car?? It has the option to have a phone in it, and it has a fin looking antenna on the roof..??
    -Is there a single program that will run my dvd/gps/cd programs?
    -Do I need anything else besides software/cables to run my dvd/cd/gps setup??

    pics to come-
    2002 clk430
    Bilstein Shocks/H&R Springs
    19x9.5/19x8.5 Carlsson Wheels Toyo tires
    Brembo X-Drilled Rotors
    Tri-HID 6000k lights (high/low & fogs)
    W209 Grill

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    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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