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Thread: Power stock speakers w/o stock head unit.

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    Power stock speakers w/o stock head unit.

    I plan to get a mac mini and put it in dash. I would like to remove the factory head unit but what will I connect the speakers to?

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    An amplifier.
    Do some reading.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    get rid of those speakers and upgrade
    get a four channel amp (50x4 max) should be fine

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    Probably the easiest way is to get an AUX input adapter and keep the HU. There are alot of advantages of having a HU as well as the PC in the car. If you cannot find the answer here (which you probably will if you search long enough) you may want to check They were very helpful when I was looking for an input adapter.

    This thread will probably also be of interest to you since it sounds like you want to do the same thing:
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    I'm keeping my headunit with my carputer
    just for ease of use with the radio and cd player.

    And I turn on the carputer when I want navigation or mp3/video player

    also since my carputer is a laptop on a docking station in the trunk,
    I canm take it out, and not loose tunes in the car

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