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Thread: using an old computer

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    using an old computer

    i have an old computer thats got pretty much everything i need in it (ram, hard drive, motherboard, cd rom drives, usb, etc.). what else am i going to need to set this up. ive got a double din 2000 toyota tundra. im looking at a touchscreen, i have no idea what to do about power (im thinking 8 or 10 gauge wire + fuse). looking to use the computer for: mp3s, gps, videos/dvds, and fm/am radio (be nice if i could record radio as well). any advice people can give me before i spend 500 bucks on a touchscreen to find out my setup wont work?

    -i plan on running headless, so i know i can add an amp to this list

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    Technology is so cheap, what are you running for specs ? You can prolly build a budget pc, that i'll be faster than what you have.

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    its 512mb ram, 80gb harddrive, sound blaster sound card, dual cd drives, 1.5ghrtz processor, decent graphics... i think what i have will work. what else should i do/get?

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    you will need either a dc/dc power supply or at least a *choke* inverter...

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