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Thread: another honda question

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    another honda question

    We are in teh noob forum so I hope I don't get blasted too much.

    I have a honda civic 05 sedan. I want to a motorized 1 din flip out screen. As most of you know about 00-05 civic, they have this little 1 din blank space. If I decide to place the screen down there I will not have access to the radio when it is open. So my question is, is it possible to Move my radio down the the lower din and it fits nicely or will I have to do some modification to fit it nicely???

    Main reasons are so the radio is not covered when the screen is open and plus the screen is higher up which is better for view of the screen.

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    WTF are you saying? There's a small fraction of us that drive Hondas, so it's doubtful that most of us know about an '00-'05 Civic, other than being able to pinpoint one when we see it on the street.

    And yes, you can put the radio in the lower DIN space. Why would you think you couldn't? That's the same plan I have in my Toyota, because I'd rather have the screen cover up the HVAC controls than the stereo when it's open.
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    yes, you can move the stock unit to the lower din slot. I have done this on a '99 civic without a problem.
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