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Thread: XP runs on touchscreen?

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    XP runs on touchscreen?

    I have just gotten started on the idea of a carputer. If you feel these questions are spoon feeding then please ignore me.
    I have been researching this all morning but still have one or two questions.

    All I want is optical audio out for an mp3 player. I believe the list of things I will need is:
    Laptop w/ USB 2.0 support
    Audigy 2 NX for optical audio out.
    Startup/Shutdown controller.

    The one piece I am still missing is how I make XP run off a touchscreen. I mean, I imagined that I would control my playback by using iTunes to access my audio files. Is there a different version of XP that I need to run or do I just tell it somehow that it has a touchscreen attached or what? Is it practical to run iTunes on the feeble resolution that I will have available on a touchscreen?

    Also, does touching a touchscreen allow you to act like your finger is the mouse? Is that how it works?

    Thanks for anyone that can point me in the right direction on this.

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    A touch screen is considered a pointing device, and that is how XP sees it. Drivers for the touch screen should come with whatever monitor you buy.
    RE: the resolution being weak. The resolution you use will depend on the monitor you buy. The touch screen does not change or limit the resolution you can use. You can buy monitors with touch screens already attached, or add 1 to an existing monitor, with slight modifications. You can also build your own setup using the required components, if you are considering a custom in dash install.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EricE

    Also, does touching a touchscreen allow you to act like your finger is the mouse? Is that how it works?
    That is exactly how it works.
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    Oh I get it. You feed it a monitor cable to drive the video and you feed a USB cable from the touchscreen into the computer as a pointing device. Cool.
    Thanks for your help.

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