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Thread: COmputer in a 1981 DeLorean

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    Quote Originally Posted by 3g Jester View Post
    This thread and that kid and especially his VIN tattoo on his chest....??


    I was going to ask why his friend needed to leave the car running all the time, seeing as the plutonium creates the 1.27 jiggawatts needed for time travel anyway. Should be more than enough to run an M2-ATX or similar Then again, maybe he couldn't find any Libians to buy stolen plutonium from, they must be harder to come by now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DARCOM View Post
    i have a delorean also and am doing a simular setup. what are you going to do about the missing vents for your ac.
    Good question... Moving them to the knee pads I think...
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    here is a pic of my display. it will soon retract into the dash above the vents. i made a half din retractable holder for my display and hopefully in the next month i will have all that made.all i did was raise the center console up 1 1/2 inches to clear and it hardly noticeable from stock.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DeLorean Dave View Post
    This is my version of my 1981 DeLorean Car PC...

    What do you think? I also have a PMD-1208 analog to digital converter so I can input engine and trip data...

    I have since replaced the console so it doesn't have those bumps in the vinyl.
    Dave - very clean setup! I actually spent about 8 months working as a mechanic at DMC in Humble, TX, and on my very first day, i saw that little cubby behind the driver seat and thought "that would be PERFECT for a carputer!" I'm glad to see i wasn't wrong!

    Did you manage to relocate the center vents to the knee pads? If so where did you get the vent pieces from? I know that little pad to the right of the steering wheel is sometimes a real booger to get reattached properly, but the right one isn't so bad.

    to the OP - did you ever get your DMC-PC up and running?

    to the rest - I was continually surprised by some of the models I saw coming in. While working for DMC TX, I put a water pump on a car that had something like 215,000 miles on it. and as far as i could tell, the water pump I took off was the factory original one! The engine had never been replaced or rebuilt, either. Who knew pugeot/volvo/renault motors from that era were actually fairly solid? too bad about the bosch k-jet "fuel injection" system... that thing was a royal PITA when it went south...
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