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Thread: 92 grand prix...

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    92 grand prix...

    been into cars for a while, (family thing), newho.. i picked up this car from a friend bout 8 months ago. i think it handles pretty damn good, all things considered bout pontiacs. only problem is the fact that its not a FR car.

    my problem tho is that i can't find ne websites that have ne real mods for gp's cept from summit, and i dont remember ever seeing bodykits in summit catalogs or on the website. if u's guy's could throw me a bone here, i'd rly appreciate it a lot. TNX!!

    (will have pictures as soon as the weather up here in ohio clears up to the point where i can get some descent pics, damn winter!! lol!!)

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    I'd go with the Summi racing option, being that its domestic.

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    You can probably get a lot more help on a pontiac forum instead of here since this place deals mainly with CarPC's. I'm not trying to sound like a jerk; i'm just saying that there are some really great pontiac sites out there that probably have a rediculous amount of information on your car.
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