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Thread: Building a Carputer..Need Some HELP!!

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    Building a Carputer..Need Some HELP!!

    Hello , I am building a Carputer and i dunno what to go with. I want a carputer that will play dvd's, mp3's, and so on, XM, and maybe some windows apps. Also i wanna use my bluetooth enabled cell phone as a hands free kit. I want a couple of usb ports and thats it, so i can use possibly gps, and maybe wireless internet. I dont wanna spend a ton of cash, but i dont want to have a carputer thats resembles a commodore 64!

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    You need to , this question has been asked and answers.

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    yeah, do a search.

    I don't really think people are that intersted in actually building a car pc as much as they are interested in the "cool idea" of building one. If someone was really interested and going to do it, they would have already searched it out before hand.

    There are plenty of new users that make a first post asking for help, but they already have their "pre-bought" list of parts and are asking for suggestions on the setup before they buy.

    Do a little work first guys...
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    those questions sound familiar. if i'm not mistaken, they are frequently asked in these forums. hmmm.... if only there was a place where they posted frequently asked questions and ther answers.
    eureka! i found it. The FAQ Emporium

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