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    newbie question

    i have a old gateway im gunna convert in to a carpc and i dont know how much power the thing pulls i looked at the power supply label area and this is what i came up with. inpput 100-120/220- 240v. 50/60hz. ok now im sorry to ask but what does that mean im trying to figure out how big of a inverter i would need to buy to power this plus a liliput.

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    that tells you absolutely nothing about the amount of power it draws. You need the number of watts. But the number on the supply may not be what the setup draws, it will just be a maximum for the supply.
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    The PSU should have a max peak wattage and a lower general use wattage rating on it. However, unless you are planning to move the entire system component for component over to your carpc system those numbers won't do you much good.

    For an accurate estimate of your PSU needs drop a list of your planned components here.

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