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Thread: scion tc audio input/output with sub/amp

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    Question scion tc audio input/output with sub/amp

    I'm preparing to put a PC in my 05 Scion tC. My only hang up is the audio. Currently I'm running my stock speakers/6 disc changer and 300w alpine sub hooked up to a kicker kx400.1

    What I thought I would do is do away with the H/U since I'm putting a PC in the car and can have all my music on the HDD or add an external drive to play CDs/DVDs. In doing so I figured that the following can be done:

    -Get an adapter for the stock speaker system that changes it to RCA, get a RCA to 1/8th adapter...

    -Get an RCA to 1/8th adapter for the Sub/Amp as well since it is already running on an RCA...

    ...Then get a Y-splitter for the PC and hook the two 1/8th cables to it.

    My only issues with that set up are...

    -Will it put too much stress on the PC?

    -Am I going to lose performance? (I imagine so)

    -Is there a better way to go? (again, I imagine so)

    I'd like to keep things as cheap as possible. Something tells me I might end up having to get another amp for my speakers... which can be expensive.

    Everything else isn't an issue for me, I work with PCs everyday and I'm psyched about putting one in my car... GPS, Nightvision camera, my music library, wireless web (in a hotspot of course) all in a car I paid $19.5K for.

    I guess you can see I'm willing to spend on the PC, but not so much for an extravagant system.

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    I'm starting to think I may need an amp and pre-amp...

    any thoughts?

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    You'll need a seperate amp for the existing speakers there isn't any way around it with the way you want to setup the system. Do some searches on the forum about hooking up PC audio outputs to amp RCA inputs for more info.

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    i found it much cheaper and stressless to get a $160 cd receiver and hook it up to the car speakers. thats what i did for my tc. I just hid the reciever at the back of the console.

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