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    Help a Newb

    Hi everybody.

    I'm pretty experienced with car stereos, and worked as a professional installer for a while. But I'm pretty lost with this CarPuter stuff. Seems like there are many different ways to do it and products to use.

    I have an '05 Tacoma and I'm wanting to give it the works. Touch screen, navigation, DVD, internet, etc. I already have the speakers, and amps, but I don't have any headunit or anything.

    What products do you think I should utilize?

    2005 Tacoma (stock stereo for now)

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    you dont need the latest and greatest, unless you run a dozen SQ programs, a frontend, navi and movies at the same time.
    a VIA mobo will do. I prefer the power of a XP-m or P4m system as DivX is a system hog and I have the formentioned programs running.
    As is costumary...

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