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Thread: Placement of Screen in an Impala

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    Placement of Screen in an Impala

    so its been a long time coming but now that i have my own car i am ready to put a carputer in. the car is a 2002 chevy impala, the computer will be held in the trunk, their is plenty of space there. but the hard part, finding a place to put the screen. a 7inch screen would fit in the upper area where the radio is currently but i would really like to keep the stock headunit. so the only other option is to put a pull out screen in the a/c place. i believe that this would be the most feasible answer. but since the a/c controls are a funky size like 1.33 din or something wierd i would have to make a bezel. my question is how difficult would it be to make a bezel and mount for the pullout screen?

    thank you in advance and if you have any other ideas please chime in
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