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Thread: sorry but what is this called...

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    sorry but what is this called...

    ok, im sure there's threads about this but i dont even know what to search for, whats it called when you lay stuff under fabric on your doors or something so its stands out? like flames or something. thanks!

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    Its called a 'bluge' tell the guys at the fabric shop that you would like some help making a buldge under your fabric.

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    um, that was real helpful and managed to not even say something funny correctly...

    Yeah, a bulge is what you're looking for. Generally you can make reliefs in your door cards by using either the spray insulating foam or fiberglass. Either way, this is probably not something you can make look good if you're asking here. If you have something in mind, there are some very good fabricators here in the fabrication forum on here that could help you out...

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    thanks but i dont plan to do this on my vehicle first, ill practice on random other things like a piece of wood heh

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    do you want some patterns in the fabric?

    Watch some episodes of orange country choppers and you will see when they make seats they have to stitch the leather/vinyl around the foam to make it stand out with things like maltese crosses and flames.

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