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Thread: installing in a 99 explorer sport, any suggestions?

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    installing in a 99 explorer sport, any suggestions?

    Pretty much what the title says in this case.
    I've got a Morex 2699 case w/ PSU a VIA ML8000 board, gig of ram, pioneer slot load cd-r/rw/dvd and a 160gig 7200 rpm HD and I tossed in a belkin wireless g pci card.

    That's the long and short of it.

    The route I think I'm going to go is wiring in an inverter and just plug into that as opposed to trying to build out a regulating circuit for the 12v. I already built a regulator circuit and am semi-pleased with the results, but am not sure I really want to trust that tiny circuit. I'm also building my own SDC to go before the inverted power.

    I'm supply sound to the stereo via my head unit since it already has an aux in(an actual aux in, not just a cd changer in though it has that too).

    The location of install I'm looking at is a custom box right below the dash between the driver and passenger sections of the front. There's more then enough room put my computer in it and mount the monitor in it face of the box. That will also allow me to install my switches for my SDC and monitor in as well. To keep it cool I'm mounting a few 80mm case fans in the enclosure to circulate air throughout. I figure a good filter screen or two will cut down on dust buildup inside.

    I'm looking for any suggestions or comments on this. Thanks.

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    That seems like a pretty nice setup. Keep us posted. Pics are welcome

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