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Thread: New to this world...

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    New to this world...

    OK, I'm in the process of planning a car PC. I am not so good at searching around forums for info, I bounced around a little but it takes time to learn from a forum, or at least it does for me. I'm going to give my plan and requested functions, as well as some of my current ideas and would love some input from some carputer vets.

    The computer is an old Compaq Deskpro, 500mHz 256mb RAM. I installed a 60gb Laptop HD, has onboard video, sound, lan, 2 serial ports, 2 usb ports.

    Here's what I want/need:

    Connection to my elmscan OBD scanner
    Connection to Zeitronix Zt-2 Wideband O2, EGT, Boost gauges
    Eventually connect to a Megasquirt
    GPS Navigation (Have a USB GPS Receiver)
    MP3 Player (have a PC-RCA adapter to input to my decks AUX)
    Voice support would be nice.
    Will be controlled using a motorized in dash touch screen monitor.

    Any suggestions as to other functions are welcome, I love to hear good ideas.

    I don't think Linux is an option, as I think the Zt-2 software is windows only. Right now for software I have Streets and Trips 2006 and Digimoto 4.03. I need to decide what kind of interface I want (I'm currently messing with Talisman as a shell replacement, but I don't think I am gonna stick with it). I would like to be able to browse my music by the album art, so it only takes a quick glance to find what I want. Or possibly have that controlled by voice too.

    I'm open for information bombardment or ridicule for my lack of knowledge on the subject, whichever is typical of this board (I've experienced both).

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    Typical of this board???? Flaming.
    Mostly everything has been asked and answered, check out the FAQ's, and read alot. Maybe then ask something more specific.
    Start with the basics first....power supplies
    But yeah, that's what I did, (and am still using) a desktop pc, ripped apart and stuffed in a smaller box.
    I then added stuff like Nav, XM, etc, E-Cig Mods
    "A great smoking alternative"

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