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Thread: I'm ready to start!!!

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    I'm ready to start!!!

    Ok, so I got a D101GC MoBo and a 630 P4 processor from Intel, added 2 512MB DDR 400Mhz (PC3200) from Kingston, a Toshiba 40GB 5400RPM 2.5" HD with an adaptor and a slot DVD/CDRW unit from Pioneer, all working pefectly fine with a Xenarc 800TSY. Right now I'm running my system on windows and I'm still using a regular desktop power unit trough an inverter. Haven't yet mounted anything in the car, I'm still trying to get my hands on an Opus 150 power unit. Here's the deal: Although I managed to keep my start up time to about 40 seconds, it's still too much time to wait! I've been running a lot of different ideas, like botting from an USB Flash Drive, but it even takes longer to load. How can I improve my start-up time? Does the opus 150 allow somehing like going to hibernation when you turn off the car and if you take more than an hour or two, finally switching off the system? How about leaving Windows for when you really need it and use a small non OS dependant, stand alone player for basic audio, video and FM radio must of the time?I live in mexico, and our streets are really awful to look at, even worse to drive trough; because of holes, bumps and stuff like that; how can I ensure this all won't damage the HD (that's why I tried booting from a flash drive)?

    Any help, would be welcome!

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    That setup will never work with an Opus 150w.
    Read this: FAQ: Will <insert PSU model> Power Supply work with my system?

    You can get a better boot time by not loading a lot of software at startup. You can also hibernate, which is much faster than a cold boot.

    You really do need to go to the FAQ Emporium and do some reading.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

    Under normal circumstances, a signature would go here.

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    What's slow - the post or windows load?

    7200RPM hard drive would speed up Windows after it starts to load.

    To trim down the time of the post, I'd enable quick boot in the bios setup, and then mess around with bios settings to ensure you're not loading unecessary thing (i.e anything on-board the mobo that you're not using.)

    Don't know that this would do any substantial change, but it's worth a try.

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    A gb of ram is too much. Go down to 512mb and you'll speed up your boot (or resume) time too.

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    yeah change to hibernate and resume instead of cold boot and cut the ram down a bit

    windows works fine in the car, no need to bugger around with anything else

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    Got it...

    So, how should I proceed then? Do you think i should power my system with a 400w inverter and use a 350w PSU? Maybe using two Opus 150 PSU's... The reason I decided on using a slower HD is that I'm really worried that going trough a bump or something the head might jump and damage the HD (which I think is a lower risk on a rather slow LapTop HD), that's why I've discarded twin SATA II HD's on RAID 0, which would definitely increase the performance; but if we can figure out a way to ensure their integrity, could try it out. I've also thought of switching to 667MHz DDR2, which would also mean using other MoBo, which ain't that bad an idea... Any suggestions about the CPU? I thought of switching to a Pentium M or an ULV Pentium M, but the cost of the system would increase astronomically! I also like the idea of having an LGA775 socket, as for I'm pretty sure there's absolubtely no way the CPU will jump out of it's place... VIA embedded MoBo's are a good choice, but they seem to be pretty hard to find here in Mexico and I believe they will never make a match to a full size ATX MoBo carrying a P4 processor. All I want is a nice system that works properly in my car, that doesn't take way too long to boot and that does both switch on and off with the car trough the power switch. I haven't yet got rid of my trusty stereo, as for I believe I might be needing it while the system start's up...

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