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Thread: Question - How do you make a bezel for a 7" screen in a double din

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    Quote Originally Posted by InHoc
    But isn't your reply a testament to the n00b bashing? I mean - you never posted until you were sure what you wanted to ask hadn't been covered before. After searching, and seeing some of the finer bashes this forum had to offer, I was terrified to post. So I made damn sure that my post was necessary. If n00b bashing can prevent just one person from posting before thoroughly searching, then bash on, bashers.
    The only reason I never had to post a dumb question was because everywhere I turned someone actually LINKED the previous threads. If all I found when searching was a lot of people asking what I was going to ask, and then a lot of replies saying to search, then my search results would be:

    1000 threads of no answer
    10 original threads with the answer.

    Bashing isn't my gripe. Bashing with no other point is. Throw a link and then call someone stupid, but just calling names does nothing more than add more post whoring crap to the forums.

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    I think you guys know the drill by now.

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