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Thread: Carputer on 98 Accord: Need Help

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    Talking Carputer on 98 Accord: Need Help

    Hey guys,

    I've been forum hopping for a while now but can't seem to figure out how to wire everything. I'm set on getting an the combo of a Ampie Case, dww-700m indash lcd, m2-atx power and the 10k mini-itx board from I've been reading up on how to wire everything but still am unsure of how to do so. I just have some questions.
    1. HOw hard is it the wiring schematics using a m2-atx?
    2. HOw do i power up the LCD from the M2-atx?
    3. I'm ok with running the power from the battery to the m2-atx but not sure how i would run it to the lcd and to the Ignition? I've heard that people use the cigarette lighter wires to as the Ignition wires.
    4. Is the M2-atx power supply fairly easy to install?

    thanks....whoever response

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    1. Very easy. There is a 12v constant, 12v switched (IGN), and ground.

    2. I powered my LCD using the M2. The M2 comes with 2 standard molex and 1 floppy molex. What I did was take some molex connectors I had laying around (from spare parts) and then cut it so I could solder the wires. I attached the power wire from my LCD to the YELLOW (12V) wire of the molex and the ground wire of the LCD to one of the BLACK wires on the molex. Then I just plugged it into the M2.

    3. For the switched IGN wire I just tapped into my radio (head unit).

    4. Very easy.
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    I have a 99accord. if you have any carspecific questions let me know. anyway, if you've ever hooked up a computer before, it's the same way. u pretty much plug the big plug into the motherboard, and then it has a few floppy connecters you can connect to your optical drive and your 2.5"HDD. If you want to power your lcd, just split the power line and chop off some spare molex and solder it to it. you only need to solder the yellow and black molex wires to power anything 12v (LCD included). If you have a stereo headunit, then you would already have spliced radio wires in the back for the harness. An easy way to avoid having to pull from the battery is to connect it to the yellow, red and black wires from the radio harness. That will give you the 12v, ign/acc, and ground, respectively. Our car has a 20A fuse on the radio line, so it will be plenty to power a MII10K and M2ATX.

    You will probably want to get a little bit more and do a hard-off ... just stick a switch on the yellow 12v wire going to the M2ATX... that way you can cut off power to the carputer manually immediately if you need to. OR just have the peace of mind it really isnt draining any battery if you're leaving on vacation or something.

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    I have a 94 accord so i think wiring is the same, if u need any help pm, i'll help u everything i know
    good luck
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    thanks guys, that gives me more reassurance. I hope to do the install over spring break. Sorry if the questions were a little newbieish but i've try to look for them on other threads before asking questions. thanks again for the replies that was great. I'm not too bad with building computers, its just electrical wiring that concerns me but hopefully it shouldn't be too bad. thanks again, I think i'll need all the help i can get.

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