Hi all.

I've been lurking and reading the forums for a couple months now, and now I know just about enough to screw myself up royally.
I downloaded road runner and loaded it on my laptop to get familar with it before I started buying parts and pieces.

I feel supremely stupid asking this but.....
What the heck are all the buttons in road runner?

As in, what is each buttons function? Some (play stop, eject etc) are no brainers, but others don't do anything (that I can tell) as I am still installing features or I can't figure out thier function at all (the eyeball for example).
Is there a thread or tutorial (with pictures, yeah I'm stupid) that describes what each button (icon) does? Right now I've got the mustang skin installed for fooling around with and I'm just trying to play music. I also have the latest version from geno's website (my appologies if I spelled his name wrong).

I can fool around and get it to play mp3's but I can't veiw playlists or songs in the rr browser. RR initiates winamp and I can browse and create playlists in winamp but can't figure how to veiw, select or create them (if RR can even do that) in RR. I haven't even started messing with the other parts of RR yet, just trying to get it to play music without having to do it through winamp program controls.

Also, I'm not too sure about buying anything (hardware) until I gather about another 6 months to a year of info off the site. But, I have an older PII 400 (compaq armada 1750) laptop gathering dust in the closet. I am thinking of using it as my learning install and just throwing in a bigger HD (it has a 10 gig right now) and then hubbing in an external sound card (might be issues as it is only USB I). I think it has 192 meg of ram (if I recall correctly) and an LT Pro video card (8meg I think it was). It's running xp and about all it will have to deal with is music, navigation, mpegs, web browsing though a pcmia wireless card, and maybe dvd if I get that far before upgrading to a "proper" PC. Probably a rear veiw cam and OBDII monitoring if I don't get PO'd with it's performance before that time. Is this a reasonable starting place for a total noob to build some experience from?
I think this may be the best placed to start for me a so many issues are already taken car of (power, heat vibration, compactness, battery backup, easily removed to work on, etc) for me and this laptop will run the apps I want for now.

I have gone so far to buy a motorized touch screen for the dash but that'a about it so far for cash outlay. It's the ebay one from yuki688 and I got it for 255 bucks so I think it would be a good starting point to gain some experience.

well, this is getting quite long so I'll cut it off here and hope for some sage and tolerrant advice from the more knowledgeable people here.