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Thread: anyone ever use a dell mobo?

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    anyone ever use a dell mobo?

    im using a dell opti plex 270 mobo with the hdd and dvd drive i made a custom case out of plexi and im using a DSATX power supply. the problem im having is where do you hook up the power on from the psu. there is no jumper for this there is a extra ribbin cable that connects to the mobo and from it there is a extra 2 usb slots and a headphone jack and on the there ia another connector with th hdd light the power light and the power switch? will i need to solder the wirtes on to this board or is there a diffrent way to do this.

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    Two options:
    Either solder to the points ont he board or find out which to wires in the ribbon cable are for the power button and splice into that.
    Either way, you're probably going to ned to do some soldering.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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