Hey guys, Some of you may know me from AMC or CAA but im new to this whole "TV screen" in the car buisness, its gonna be awesome when this is in, as i thought this was gonna be easy!!!

I have a 1993 Mitsubishi Magna (SOHC for those of you playing at home)(Diamante to others) and i cannot find for the love of god a picture of someone intergrating a 7" widescreen into the centre console.

im trying to do this but i really dont know if its going to work.
im working within millimeters of getting this right or wrong, and im after some advice on weather i should continue with what im doing, or start again.

i have made a box out of 3mm MDF for the Screen to fit in, and then secured the box to the centre console, and bogged up and sanded the gaps.

The bog is proving not to like plastic much, or sticking to it for that fact, i was thinking fibreglass but im really working with such small spaces to be covered
here is a pic of what i have to work with

As you can see down the bottom, the bottom of the screen is about 1-2mm bigger in width then the actuall console, but if i place the screen any higher, it'll but into my CD player!

so yeah, has anyone seen this been done before? or am i a pioneer for this combo of screen/car?

any help will be greatly welcomed, as for me, im gonna keep browsing your awesome site!!

cheers guys