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Thread: anyone with some advice/tips?

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    anyone with some advice/tips?

    Hi anyone have a pic of a dodge stratus 1gen (95-00) of where or how to put a 7" screen in the bezel. ?

    Also where is the cheapest place i can find a 7" touchscreen vga monitor.

    I want to start my project asap

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    Quote Originally Posted by CyberManiaK
    Also where is the cheapest place i can find a 7" touchscreen vga monitor.
    I recommend getting your monitor from the store. They offer a no dead pixel guarantee. You pay more, but no other vendor offers anything close.
    Sometimes value is more significant than price.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    I don't, but I've got a 98 Stratus that I've been thinking about doing up for my wife. We've ridden in my Jetta more since installing the carpc, and she's warming up to the idea of not having to worry about CDs in the car. I figure I'll have to relocate the hvac controls, but that should not be too hard. The spot where the factory radio is, combined with the hvac controls would be plenty big. I'm thinking it might even be big enough for an 8" monitor.

    And, yeah, about the store. Prices are competitive, and with the no dead pixel guarantee, it makes it even nicer.


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