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Thread: Basic Setup...mounting options.

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    Basic Setup...mounting options.

    I'm looking to get a very basic setup. I don't need navigation or anything complex monitoring. Just mp3 playback, some Wi-Fi but don't anticipate much more than simple file transfers at home and the occasional stops at Panera or Starbucks, and really that's about it. My planned setup follows:

    Power Supply: m2-ATX
    Mobo: Via M10000
    RAM: 512 or 1GB
    Video and Sound: Onboard
    HDD: 40 GB 3.5"
    Input: Wireless mini Keyboard/trackball combo from eBay
    Screen: In-Dash Panasonic CQ-VD1000U.
    PCI: Belkin Wireless Network Card
    Accesories: 2 6' or 10' USB extension cables to a more accesible location, Radiolabs Wi-Fi antenna, and maybe some cathode lights just for fun.

    Thoughts: Plenty of power incase I want to expand or use on a new setup, the board seems tried and true on here, RAM is based on cash, the HDD is lying around here, the screen is a video HU with aux inputs (those Red/White/Yellow cables) I know about the loss of quality but really its just going to be WinAmp or similar and the occasional FireFox session.

    Questions: I don't really want to use a case, I've got plans to mount an Amp under the passenger seat and the driver seat has some AC ducts that I don't want to or have time to mess with. Is there any problem simply mounting the parts directly to my glovebox? I've taken a couple level readings and found that when closed I can mount the HDD vertically, I was thinking something similar to the attached gif animation where the Blue is the PSU, Red is the board and green is the HDD. The yellow arrows indicate the direction in which the mounting screws would go, with the HDD screws coming out at you from the monitor.

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    Should not be a problem, I would suggest some consideration for airflow in the glovebox.
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    yeah for airflow you could try putting an exhaust fan out the backside and an intake fan from the bottom side or something

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    Sure that will work. Don't get more than 512mb ram. It's a waste of $$ in a car. Spend the extra cash on a good dc-dc psu, or something else for the carpc.

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    Thanks for the tips guys. I figured about the airflow just after I posted the original message. I'm sure I can find a way to get two quiet fans in there.

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