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Thread: No auxiliary inputs

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    No auxiliary inputs

    Alright, i'm sorry if this has been asked but I searched and found nothing. I'm driving a '95 Blazer with the original stock radio in it. It has the radio (with controls) and a tape deck (if you need more information let me know). I have the majority of this stuff figured out but I have no idea how to make my computer plug into the speakers. There is no auxiliary input that i'm aware of and any help is greatly appreciated!

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    hacking current headunit output

    Same thing but insted of hacking the Cd you'll be hacking the cassete player.

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    If your stereo has the CD changer controls:

    Options if it does not:
    Wireless FM Modulator
    Wired Fm Modulator
    Cassete Adapter

    Other option, buy a 4 channel amp and go headless.
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