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Thread: new car: Ford Focus 2005

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    Using the power wires is an OK thing to do... but you may be limiting some of the startup/shutdown functionality of your puter. I would wire something manually.

    As far as a harness kit... When you pull your dash, you will see a plug going into your unit. There are a bunch of wires going intoone connection. You have two choices, chop the end off, and rememebr (mark) which is wich (right front, left rear, power, etc) or you can get a harness kit. This will plug right into the factory connector, and let you have wires to use for whatever you need.

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    A UK based focus carputer install that i thought was quite good

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    yeah, I love Stevieg's install...

    I read about it in CustomPC, and that's what got me thinking about car pc's!
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