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Thread: Mobile Internet Questions?

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    Mobile Internet Questions?

    I Have Been Searching The Internet For A While And Havent Come Up With Any Solutions For What I Want To Do.

    I Am Looking For A Way To Get Hi Speed Internet On A Laptop While Driving. We Travel The Country Alot And Are Always In Need Of The Internet To Check E Mails, Gps, Maps, Ect.

    I Have Read About Gprs Modems, Wireless Cards, Ect, Ect. I Am Confused.

    We Will Be Using The Laptop In The Truck And Taking It Out And Using It In The Trailer And Motel Rooms.

    If I Use Gprs What Do I Need?
    Should I Use Gprs?
    I Read Some Thing About Cellular Amplifiers Or Signal Boosters. Are These Needed?

    I Would Like To Get Some Opinions Of What I Need And Where To Get It. Thanks.

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    you can get gprs through mostly any cell phone carrier. other then that, use what I have... t-mobile mda. everything you asked for in a cell phone.
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    Thats it for now

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    Im Not Very Nolegable When It Comes To Cell Phones Or Laptops.

    I Was Thinking Of Going With T Mobile, Cingular Or Sprint.
    What Parts Do I Need?

    Wireless Card, Cables, Ect?

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    First of all, capitalizing every word is annoying. Please stop.

    The equipment you need is dependent on the phone. I have Cingular service with an unlimited data plan and a Treo650. I connect to the phone through a USB bluetooth dongle.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    I would go for one of the faster EVDO services out there (i.e. sprint or verizon). I have no problem streaming audio and video at full speed when in the car.

    But of course, you should check out the coverage in your area before you choose a carrier.

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    Why On Earth Would Someone Capitalize Each And Every Word, I Don't Understand, Please Explain. It's Also A Pain In The *** To Type Like This.

    None will be very high speed, unless money is not an issue., E-Cig Mods
    "A great smoking alternative"

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    most of the major cell providers have there own wireless internet, you would have to go in and check out there coverage maps and look where youll be traveling to make sure theres service. I use verizons 3g network with a card that plugs in the pcmcia in my laptop. if im by a metropolotin area(large city) im in broadband access. if im out where i just get a signal, then im connected to their national access(2wice the speed of dialup). id check each company out before you decide and see what would work the best for you. my unlimited service on my card is $80 a month. so be prepared for the bill.

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    this thread might be some good reading for you guys

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    Quote Originally Posted by muldrick
    Why On Earth Would Someone Capitalize Each And Every Word, I Don't Understand, Please Explain. It's Also A Pain In The *** To Type Like This.
    Maybe They Just Want To Be Annoying?

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    If you need high speed your only real option now is EVDO through either Verizon or Sprint. Go to their sites and check the coverage to be sure it covers the areas where you'll be traveling. For probably wider coverage (don't quote me on that) you can go with EDGE/GPRS on Cingular, will basically give you just above dialup speeds...just enough to check email, do some light browsing, etc.. but not streaming or heavy browsing/downloading.

    Just depends on what exactly you need it for and what your priorities are.
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