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Thread: 2 batteries

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    2 batteries

    Hello every one, Iím new to this forum but not to the hobby. I had a carputer wired up in my truck and every thing working awesome, I recently got a new car and aside from using a 14 inch LCD in my truck (I cut the dash apart) I canít do the same in my car. However, now I am going to be using A LOT of power. (more then I recently used in my truck) Off the top of my head I plan on plugging in...

    PSP (12v adapter)
    computer (400w)
    LCD (12v adapter)
    and I would say for the sake of this question 2 more 12v adapters (Canít remember every thing)

    Hmmm I know there is a lot more but for some reason my mind went blank. My question is though, I know that some heavy duty trucks that need more power for different things have a 2 battery conversion system built into them that allows their vehicle as well as the alternator to use 2 standard 12v car batteries. I was wondering if I would be able to use a run back to my trunk and do a similar setup in my car? (1 battery in its normal spot and 1 in my trunk) Right now I am using a 700w inverter, would I just run 2 inverters off each battery or is there a better way? Any suggestions/help would be more than appreciated and I would like to thank you all ahead of time. thanks again!

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    Thanks a lot! I have been looking for some thing like that forever! much appreciated.

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    You realize that it is the alternator that provides the power for your computer, not the battery, right? The battery is for starting the car. The alternator recharges the battery and provides power when the car is running.

    If you think you are going to draw too much power, you need to figure out how many watts your alternator is capable of supplying, then decide if you need to upgrade that.
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    Well my main concern isnt my PC, and if I will have enough power to run that its how much power I am going to try to run in general. I am going to be hooking up 3 XBOX's (1 12v per xbox) 3 LCD's ( 1 12v per LCD). Wireless Router (1 12v). PSP Charger (1 12v). I cut my PC wattage from 400 down to 160 (found a new smaller PC I had laying around thats perfect). USB DVD drive (1 12v) VGA Splitter (1 12v). So thats 10? 12v adapters and a 160w PC. So really sitting back and looking at it, Im concerned that my car may catch on fire? Maybe Im dreaming too big here? Thats a lot of power to try to run off a car... or is it?

    I guess what I was saying here, is there really an alternator that can provide as much power as I would need for the items listed above? Thanks a lot for the insight

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