Hi not a techinacal newb. But please.

I have a few questions that need solutions
Running a laptop to a port Replicator

Power on and off compaq laptop port replicator has no power switch =(
(Some way to fix this or ill open the laptop and wire a switch)
Standby or Hibination.

External Harddrive solution? Running 12V from the car should be no problem, or off the port replicator, What about the 5v is that even needed as the usb gives 5v. (thinking of a Ps2 connection to have 12v in from the car, do i need to regulate the 12vs?)

Also Power or non powered usb hub.

Im running 4 Screens. A vast amount of wiring is required will have a switch to turn the tv and laptop on at the same time. 60 gig video Ipod also but that will be separate. Thats the current setup but I want to get more funky.

http://homepages.ihug.co.nz/~timhop/Altezza.html Project Status and the car.

Many thanks in advanced!