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Thread: RR + Mediaengine - Tv + FM radio ??!?!?!

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    Question RR + Mediaengine - Tv + FM radio ??!?!?!

    Ok do after doing loads of research on frontends and software ive decided that the only two I would consider using are mediengine or roadrunner.

    Now, I know that they both work with the D-Link USB radio. I also know that roadrunner works with a hauppauge wintv usb (can someone just confirm this for me ?). My questions are :

    1. If I put a hauppauge win tv usb tuner in my carputer (connected to my car aerial) will I be able to use the roadrunner interface to do the following -
    - when i click on radio I can change the frequency in roadrunner
    - when i click on tv I can change the tv channel in roadrunner
    Basically can I seperate the two functions using the roadrunner frontend ?

    2. Will this card work with mediaengine ? If so- same questions as above.

    Any help would be great as im considering whether to go for the d-link radio or just go for the wintv 2in1 card.


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    Yes, they are integrated with road runner
    Have you found a wintv usb with fm capabilities yet?

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