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Thread: login issues

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    login issues

    im getting these errors at the beginning of windows. it says "windows cannot load the local profile. reasons; security rights not found or the local profile is corrupt."


    "windows cannot find a local profile and is logging you in with a temporary profile. changes you make to this profile will be lost."

    also i tried reloading windows but the version that was given to me by mp3car didnt include the security key.

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    Why are you posting this again in another subforum?

    Go into the User Control panel and create a new user.
    Reboot the computer (assuming that you still can after the attempt to reload Windoze) and log in as the new user.

    Also, I seriously doubt that store is going to sell you a copy of Windoze without the CoA & corresponding key. Is there a Windoze CoA sticker anywhere on the case? That's where OEMs are supposed to put the CoA sticker, anyway....
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    I'm assuming you can't login to Windows. Boot in to safe mode using the F8 key after the BIOS post screen and before the Windows XP logo screen.

    Login as Administrator. It will be easiest to create a new user under Start => Control Panel => User Accounts. You could also copy the Administrator profile to your user account if you wanted using the profile manager.

    If you are able to login to your computer (even in safe mode) you could use Magical Jelly Bean to find the key.

    Did you get a CD from MP3Car along with a small "Windows XP" manual? If so, check for the small sticker called a Certificate of Autenticity (COA). That will have your product key as Darq has said.

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