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Thread: xp booting issues

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    xp booting issues

    i restarted the other day and the first screen that came up was the one that gives you the option of starting the os in safe mode. i thought wtf and just clicked normal settings. it then went to the screen thats black and says windows xp with the scrolling bars at the bottom. a few seconds after that the comp restarted...back to the first boot up screen. i tried all the other options (safe mode, safe mode with networking, ect) and they all do the same thing. also now it wont detect my keyboard or mouse.

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    Sounds like you need to do some troubleshooting... Try removing all non-needed devices (leave just keyboard, mouse, memory, hd, video, and cpu). Can you get into the BIOS? Also, if you can't get into the BIOS, try reseting the CMOS. This is usually done by jumping some pins (see mainboard manual) or by removing the CMOS battery and turning it sideways in the battery holder, then re-inserting it. Determine if it is a hardware failure or a Windows issue. Install a different HD in the system and try to load XP. This should be a good start for you... hope it helps...


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    where can i get a mainboard manual?

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    Quote Originally Posted by wrxeatr
    where can i get a mainboard manual?
    New motherboards (or systems built with a new motherboard) come with a manual.
    If you purchased yours used, then the manufacturer's website will have the manual online. At least they should...
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Puffanug
    Sounds like you need to do some troubleshooting...
    Yep...Boot loop can be caused by software, hardware or virius problems. Does it bluescreen and do a mini dump? Also, if you F8 and boot w/ prompt you can watch to see where it stops. Then you can boot with a recovery disk and disable that process. (which might or might not help)
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    Have you recently done any MS Updates? I had a friend who did a MS Update and the system went through a boot loop. I had to do a lot of manual work from a prompt to get him back up and running. Basically used the last recovery point but it took some time to get him back going.

    Edit...This is the link I used to resolve the issue I had.

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