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Thread: Do I need to install all states for my iguidance ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rafster
    There's the DP we all know and love!

    His initials are DP
    B Smoov
    Project Status: 90% Complete

    Next Step: TIVO for Radio

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    DP... Aqua teen comes too mind
    DP: Okay okay, look, look, I just use that to get into bars.

    Frylock: Okay, then whatís your real name?

    DP: Bros call me DP (Shake: Yeah!) Short for Donkey Puncher (Shake: DP!) Get it?

    Frylock: Yeah, I do.

    DP: Sometimes Iím Donkey Puncherello or D to the P, (Shake: Dude the player!) or big DP, or uh, (Shake: Dude parties!) King Donko of Punchstania.

    Frylock: No, I need your real name. (Shake: Party dude! PD!) What your mother calls you.

    DP: Uh, *mutters* You know what, just try DP.

    Shake: Dude pal, thatís what you should be! Cuz youíre my dude! Pal!
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